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It’s a bit late, but I got my box full of yowapeda goodies today which means I can start my giveaway in celebration of reaching 1000 followers about a month ago! ^w^

I tried to make the prizes a range of stuff but it didn’t work that well… :S Especially for raffle based prizes that I just kept on winning the same things on :/


FIRST PRIZE includes:

  • Imaizumi and Kinjou posters
  • Clear yowapeda file - Sohoku 1st years and 3rd years on either side.
  • Sohoku bottle cover (cause I thought they were super cute and wish I had got one for myself as well as you guys ;w;)
  • Kyoto Fushimi coin purse (I wanted to get all three but this was the only one left in the entirety of Shizuoka!!! O_O)
  • And a Kinjou photograph set (which I forgot to take pictures of…)
  • And a little Naruko keychain (I found two more of him in my handbag after my last giveaway! A nice surprise ^^)

I’ll also be able to do a little runner’s up prize too this time! That will include the Imai/Kinjou posters and a Naruko keychain too ^^

The Rules

  1. You must be following me. Sorry, but this is a give-away to show my appreciation for all my lovely followers! Feel free to follow in order to enter this! ^w^
  2. Both likes and reblogs count, but only one of each per person.
  3. You must have your inbox open so I can contact you at the end of giveaway, if I can’t contact you within a day I will choose another winner, and we don’t want that to happen!
  4. Postage costs will be covered by myself.
  5. The give away will finish on Saturday 31st May, 12noon (GMT aka British time)
  6. That’s mostly it. I will chose the winner randomly and check you haven’t broken either of the rules before contacting you.

I might wrangle a few more things to put in before it finishes, but that will depend on what is available… some exciting new stuff that I really wanted to put in is being released in the next month though…

Anyway! Thank you all for following me, I really appreciate all the love for yowapeda that I get to experience!

Good luck everyone!


eyfey sent: Hi there :D once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send this to 10 of your favourite followers. :D!

omG another one! I am so fortunate people like me ;u; ; ;haha h ok lessee

  • I lift dogs instead of weights so I think that makes me totally rad, though my dog likes to leap outta my grasp ‘cause she’s radder than me
  • I fall asleep like 10 seconds after getting into bed and that’s pretty neat if I do say so myself
  • One time I swallowed a cookie wrapper on accident, and even today I feel like I got some wrapper power running in my blood.
  • I swallowed my own loose tooth one time too, so maybe teeth run in my veins as well??
  • I used to have almost every Pikachu merchandise available to American kids when I was like 7 and it was rad as heck, including the limited edition card given at the Pokemon movie though I lost it the same day. B)

He he and yeah I won’t continue the sending out, but I appreciate being picked! >u < «  


i keep thinking about how asbel likes to kick things and how his leg just goes UP

like, what if while training to become a knight he was sparring with someone and he can’t block with his sword in time, so he just kicks up a leg and blocks it. then a little bit later he loses his balance and falls back into a PERFECT SPLIT and everyone crowds around, “are you okay???!” and asbel’s just. “huh? yeah i’m fine!”

malik turns to victoria, “get that kid on my team”



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There is no “next year” for us 3rd years.

the infamous words that break my heart no matter what sports manga is involved (via akabareiji)

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18,629 plays





i just spat all over my screen

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I don’t even watch this. but holy


kimoishigaki has a death wish